A healing journey often involves therapy. Our patients say that we create a fun, encouraging environment where they can get back to health. Most of our therapists have more than 10 years experience, and some more than 20. They practice a wide range of modalities, including one of the South Bay's only aquatic therapy programs.


Physical Therapy Hours: Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Call the Therapy Department directly at 310-540-7381, or make an appointment through our main reception.

Our caring and skilled team of licensed physical and occupational therapists at Coastal Ortho Advanced Orthopedics offers comprehensive orthopedic rehabilitation in a state-of-the-art facility:


  • Professional-grade strength equipment

  • Specialized therapy devices

  • Pleasant, open atmosphere


Most of our therapists have more than 10 years experience, and some more than 20 years, giving our patients even more confidence in their abilities. They provide a complete suite of physical therapy services, including custom foot orthotics.


Because we develop an individual physical therapy plan for each of our patients, we play an integral role in helping them recover after orthopedic injuries and surgeries. With our expert guidance we pinpoint exactly what each patient needs in order to regain coordination, mobility, strength, balance, and range of motion. Our customized treatment plans also emphasize controlling pain and identifying preventative measures. We respect our patients’ limits and abilities and always use gentle methods to achieve their goals. This supportive and encouraging environment serves our patients well as we strive together to return each one to a full, active lifestyle.

Patients also have the advantage of being treated by Certified Hand Therapists and Certified orthopedic Specialists. These physical and occupational therapists have demonstrated commitment to their field by achieving advanced clinical skills and becoming board certified in their chosen specialties. These highly specialized therapists work closely with the orthopedic surgeons in order to achieve the best outcome possible. Along with the rest of the staff, they employ up-to-date methods and equipment and use proven techniques to ensure the highest standards for each patient’s personalized treatment plan.