Patient Testimonials

Kenneth K Park, MD

"I am writing to thank you for the medical treatment you performed for [my child]. This was the first traumatic incident for one of our children, and I wanted you to know how much we appreciated all of your work. Our Louisville, Kentucky orthopedist has called your work ‘perfect.’ The renowned specialists at Kleinert & Kutz have also been impressed. As a token of our appreciation, I have secured a special honor on your behalf. The honor, a Kentucky Colonel, is an honor the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky can bestow on individuals. [Redacted to comply with HIPAA.] Please look me up if you are ever in Louisville, and please thank your staff for how quickly they provided [my child’s] records to our medical providers in Kentucky.”

“I would give Dr. Kenneth Park high marks. He is thoughtful, thorough and informative.”

–Charlotte, yelp.com
“If you have foot and ankle issues, I HIGHLY recommend you see Dr. Kenneth Park and get therapy from Travis in the PT [physical therapy] department. I have had issues with my right foot (broken 5th metatarsal, fractured fibula, sprains, etc.) for years. I finally did it to myself and rolled my ankle so hard that I ended up with a very rare nerve injury. Dr. Park had an instinct about what was wrong, did some research, confirmed his theory and set me up with EXCELLENT leg braces and a strong physical therapy program. In the last few weeks, I have made great progress and I am so thankful that I went to this facility. In fact, I went to another orthopedic doctor who was treating me for a knee problem and he recommended Dr. Park to me. I think that says it all.” 

–Alexandra, yelp.com
“As a professional athlete with the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic, I've had two shoulder surgeries with Dr. Shrader that have been fantastic. Dr. Halikis and Dr. Park also have done super procedures for me as well. My physical therapist Kim Hicks worked wonders in getting my flexibility and range of motion back, and the rest of the staff are top notch in their knowledge and experience. Friendliest staff in the world...I recommend this clinic to everyone!”

–Mark, yelp.com
“[Dr. Park is an] excellent and compassionate doctor, very thorough.”

“[Dr. Park is a] good doctor. He genuinely cares. He is very attentive, and I believe in his knowledge of knees. I would let him operate if necessary for a meniscus tear. I have seen him numerous times for care.”

–Nancy, vitals.com
“I was diagnosed in 1996 with temporal lobe epilepsy. I endured 15 to 20 seizures per day... In 1999 I underwent surgery to remove scar tissue on the brain. In 2005 I had a vagus nerve stimulator implanted. Due to the brain surgery my left side became neurologically impaired and I sat in a wheelchair for four years and lived in a nursing home. My knee suffered degenerative bone loss and my left foot became deformed due to the same surgery. I weighed 217 pounds because of seizure medications and a gastro intestinal feeding tube. I was not allowed to stand or walk on my own. I could not hold a spoon, feed myself or go to the bathroom, dress myself or contribute to society in any meaningful way.Today, I am so thrilled to be able to walk unassisted in [the L.A.] marathon with my new left foot, magically reconstructed by Dr. Kenneth Park, as well as my amazing knee replacement by the wonderful Dr. Todd Schrader, both at [Coastal Ortho Advanced Orthopedics].”

–Claire O'Keefe, excerpted from her fundraising page on crowdrise.com
“I came to see Dr. Kenneth Park on recommendation from my physical therapist. I had a foot/ankle issue that came out of nowhere and was lasting far too long. After my first doctor brushed it off and said it just needed time, I came here. Immediately upon meeting Dr. Park I could tell I was much better off than with my first doctor. My favorite part is that he actually listens, but beyond that is he very invested in helping you get better, even if the answer to the problem is not immediately obvious. He took the time to show me my MRI results and really explain what he was seeing. And ultimately discovered that the orthotics the first doctor prescribed me were keeping me from getting better. While my foot is not quite back to 100% it’s pretty close and it wouldn’t be anywhere near that without Dr. Park. I do expect with a little more time it will be all better. For me, it’s not even a question as to whether you should see him or another doctor.”

–Alyse, yelp.com
“Feel free to listen to the other reviewers about customer service and what not, but the actual doctors and physical therapists at Torrance Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine are top-notch. I am under 20 years old, so I’m really young to have bunions, so I was nervous about seeing a doctor about them because I knew it would probably mean surgery. I ended up seeing Dr. Kenneth Park, and he made the experience way less scary and much more positive than I ever thought it could be. I had no issues after my surgery, and every appointment after my surgery was perfect. I sometimes had to wait for a little while in the waiting room, but the quality of care and compassion shown to me greatly superseded waiting in the very pleasant waiting room. After I got my cast off, I was introduced into their AMAZING physical therapy department. All of the therapists are really nice and qualified. I had the supreme pleasure to work with Brigitte and Derriel, who made the recovery process so much more fun. They never stopped motivating me and I could not keep a smile off my face while I was there. I would not be where I am today physically without everyone at Torrance Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine, and for that I am eternally grateful. :)”

–Sarah, yelp.com
“Dr. Park is wonderful! He’s gentle, smart, positive, and he made me feel relaxed and not worried about my feet. Thanks. P.S. He’s very competent.”

–letter from Linda
“Dr. Park and Christina,Although being in my cabin with my ankle elevated for days isn’t my first choice of activities, I am incredibly thankful to be in this state of recovery. I am trying to take advantage of my time to play a lot of catch-up on reading, letters, and some TV shows I’ve missed lately. I wanted to say thank you to both of you for fitting me into your busy schedules and putting up with my many calls and questions. I am very thankful God blessed me with a doctor and admin who have been so helpful and kind during this time. So thank you both for everything. I look forward to seeing y’all in a couple of weeks for the follow up! Take care.”

–letter from Anne
“Dr. Kenneth [Park] is very patient and considerate. He truly cares about his patient. He’s honest and provides his patient with the pro and cons of performing surgery. He respects his patients’ opinions. He spends more than adequate time with his patients. He even showed me the video of my surgery and explained every detail of what was performed. He is a true gem… and his assistant, Christina is also a gem!!! The entire staff is courteous and very professional. Even their physical therapy staff is outstanding.”

“Dr. Park is the best! He is very kind, has a great bedside manner, is incredibly knowledgeable, and answers questions/emails promptly. I trust him implicitly and know he puts his patients first. I just had PRP done on my Achilles and he performed the procedure expertly and efficiently. I highly recommend Dr. Park and would not go anywhere else.”

–Judy, yelp.com