Coastal Ortho and our physical therapy department remain open for business.  The orthopedic needs of our patients and our community remain our top priority.  We will continue to adhere to strict safety guidelines in order to keep our patients and staff safe. With appropriate screening and testing protocols established at the hospitals and surgery centers, the normal, pre-virus surgery schedules have been reestablished. Please contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment and/or have any questions or concerns we may help address. Stay safe and we look forward to helping out any way we can.


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Torrance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group was founded in 1971 as a partnership between legendary surgeons Dr. John Stratton, retired, and Dr. John O’Hara, deceased, and later Dr. Richard Shrader, retired. With the South Bay’s two main hospitals located in Torrance, it remains the primary hub of medical care for the South Bay. 

Although our Torrance office is our main location, as our medical group and the South Bay have grown...

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As a professional athlete with the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic, I've had two shoulder surgeries with Dr. Shrader that have been fantastic. He came recommended by a good friend who is a doctor, and I also know that he is one of the top orthopedists in the South Bay.

Mark Acres, from and personal interview