ADD to LOSE: Simple Tricks to Keep Arthritis Away Longer

Our sedentary (tv, devices, computers) and singularly focused (one sport or activity) lifestyles can wear our bodies down too quickly. This causes us a lot of health problems, one of the most common being arthritis. No one wants joint pain to keep them away from their favorite things. So rather than have to completely avoid your favorite activities, why not add something good into your routine? You'll likely lose something bad...

  • ADD: stretching several times a day, every 30 minutes if you're sitting or standing for long periods, and

  • LOSE: weight by improving muscle tone; swelling/fluid retention by improving circulation; stiffness by improving range of motion

  • ADD: a new type of workout/activity every week to break up your regular training/routine, and

  • LOSE: the risk of injury to overtaxed joints; weight by using muscles in new ways; pain and stress from overuse of certain areas of the body

  • ADD: just 10 minutes of daily core strengthening (see our May 29th post "What makes a successful lifelong athlete?"), and

  • LOSE: poor posture that stresses joints

  • ADD: one cup of vegetables to one meal every day, and

  • LOSE: extra weight that puts pressure on joints