Flat feet problems? Ankle, knee, or toe pain? Custom orthotics may help.

Flat feet problems

Custom orthotics are exactly that: one-of-a-kind shoe inserts or ankle braces molded just for you. They can relieve pain and discomfort in the foot and correct deformities. They can also provide stability and improve performance of the ankle and knee joints, especially during high injury-risk activities like sports. A custom orthotic is better quality than a standard off-the-shelf orthotic and usually lasts longer.

A board certified orthopedic doctor specializing in foot and ankle care is the best type of medical professional to diagnose and treat problems in that area. Why not just go straight to a physical therapist or podiatrist? Orthopedic doctors have earned a medical degree and trained extensively to evaluate the entire body from a medical perspective. That means, for example, they can properly diagnose a pain in the lower leg that turns out to stem from the hip, knee, or back. Other types of practitioners don't have the training to find the problem at its root like that.

While many of our patients have benefited from custom orthotics, many more have been helped with other solutions. A well-informed stretching or physical therapy regimen prescribed by an orthopedic doctor, ice, rest, anti-inflammation medications, or less commonly, surgery, may be just as effective or better in many cases. The only way to know is to see a doctor who can give the most comprehensive medical diagnosis.