Many Ways to Treat Shoulder Pain from Bursitis

Within the shoulder, the fluid-filled bursa sac sits between the tissues and provides cushioning. Bursitis happens when the bursa and the rotator cuff tendons get compressed between the bones of the shoulder. Left untreated, this chronic impingement can lead to fraying and eventually tearing of the rotator cuff tendons.


  • Repetitive impact

  • Overuse

  • Poor postural awareness


  • Pain and weakness of shoulder muscles, especially when using the arm overhead

  • Limited shoulder mobility, such as trouble reaching up and behind the back

Bursitis can also appear in the hip, knee, and elbow.


  • Rest

  • Ice

  • Anti-inflammatory medication

  • Cortisone injection

  • Physical therapy: massage, ultrasound, interferential current, range of motion exercises

  • Surgery in some cases