My shoulder makes popping and clicking sounds!

Not every pop or click is cause for concern. A shoulder that's cold and tight may just be making some cracking sounds as it warms up, releasing gas from the joint (like knuckle cracking). In this case, as the shoulder becomes warmer and looser, the sounds usually go away.

As people age, the chances that osteoarthritis is causing those sounds becomes more common. The first signs of the condition may be just clicking, snapping, or popping sounds and no pain at all. Osteoarthritis can and often does become a painful condition, though, and seeing an orthopedic doctor/surgeon for advice on how to slow its progress or relieve the pain is a good idea. In the early stages of osteoarthritis, the doctor can prescribe non-invasive remedies such as exercises, activity modification, and icing to strengthen the shoulder and keep inflammation and pain at bay for longer.

Shoulder noises can also be a result of a minor cartilage tear or a problem with the muscles in the shoulder. If pain radiates in either direction, the arm can't be lifted above the shoulder, or normal motions and exercises cause pain, see the doctor. These symptoms often indicate an injury that will get worse, not better, without treatment.