Nerve Pain vs. Muscular Pain

Nerve pain results from damage to the nerves and is often chronic. The causes vary from chemical irritation, inflammation, trauma (including surgery), compression of nerves by nearby structures (for instance, tumors), and infections. In many cases the cause is unknown. People often report sensations such as: tingling or pins and needles, burning, numbing, stabbing, or electric shock. In some cases the nerve pain may cause extreme sensitivity to touch. 

Muscle pain/musculoskeletal pain occurs in muscles or joints. The causes are generally due to injury or inflammation (swelling). There are instances where muscle pain can be caused by diseases, disorders, or medications. This pain does not usually last long and disappears when the injury heals. People with muscle pain report symptoms such as: aching, throbbing, swelling, muscle tenderness or cramping, or stiffness.