Stop exercising? Bone loss can start in a matter of weeks.

Sometimes we have to stop exercising to recover from an illness or injury. But bone loss can begin in as little as 8-10 weeks after stopping activity. Exercise stimulates bone growth, so without it, our bones just naturally deteriorate. For people with chronic and painful conditions, this can add another layer of health problems to an already frustrating situation. How do you exercise if you have to avoid activity that stresses your injured body?

A board certified orthopedic doctor can help devise a safe and effective exercise program to keep you healthy during the time off from your regular workouts. He or she will work in conjunction with physical therapist to design a program just for your situation and limitations.

One common problem patients with chronic or acute pain report is that they fear having more pain. Working with a qualified physical therapist and orthopedic doctor addresses that in a safe environment. Patients learn what kind of pain is the "okay" recovery type versus the kind that may be causing damage. They learn what limits are okay to push and how quickly they can expect to recover at the best pace for them. At Coastal Ortho Advanced Orthopedics, a physical therapist can adjust an exercise on the spot, or even go get the doctor right then if necessary. Our full treatment on-site approach means you don't have to wait as long for your pain to get resolved.