Your favorite superhero stretches their hips every day

Your favorite superhero stretches their hips every day.

Okay, we can't prove it, but we're pretty sure they'd be in our office more often if they didn't. (Side Note: We know you're picturing some stratospheric stretching right now. It's okay. No one's judging.) If superheroes weren't so fictional, they'd be concerned about things like hip fractures, strained, tight and inflamed hip tendons, hip bursitis, hip bruising (“pointers”), torn labrum cartilage, and eventually, even osteoarthritis. Plus they'd feel the pain that goes with all of it, not to mention their world-saving capabilities would diminish substantially.

Athletes, however, are much more commonly affected by these hip ailments. A fall or severe impact is more likely to cause a fracture, tear, or bruise. Repetitive motion is often the culprit when inflammation or worn cartilage is causing pain or discomfort. As an athlete, we know you want to get back to your sport and exercise regimen. It's the endorphins...the camaraderie...the fancy gear...we get it, and we want to help you.

If nothing hurts right now, great. Keep warming up and down, stretching, and strengthening your core. Watch your form, or you might pay down the line. Improper biomechanics can put you on the injured list faster than you think. Tight muscles contribute to bad form, too, so again, stretch like a superhero.

If you've been out of your routine, resist the temptation to jump back in where you left off. It's a common cause of all the injuries superheroes won't get but you can. Start again at a reasonably lower level and work your way back up.

If you do hurt, come see us. Have a board certified orthopedic doctor who sees injured athletes all the time give you a few treatment solutions so you can get back on track quickly. You can get the right diagnosis instead guessing, and your sports medicine doctor can work with one of our on-site physical therapists, if you need it, to retrain, stretch, and strengthen you in exactly the ways you need.