Patient Testimonials


“Doctor Brian Magovern spent a good amount of quality, efficient time with me explaining my condition (AC shoulder joint and possible rotator cuff tear), that their shot therapy was NOT in my best interest for my particular condition, advised me on what to do (and not to do) to self-heal, and demonstrated proper form for exercises. He agreed with a prior diagnosis given by another orthopedic surgeon, and even indicated I likely have a self-healing tear or abrasion in my rotator cuff which was not diagnosed by the other doctor, but was indicated in my past PT. As for the staff I rate them an A+ for my experience. This office has a full-fledged therapy unit, and multiple doctors seeing pre-op patients so they likely do a rather large volume. Given the number (low) of bad office staff reviews combined with the good amount of time the Doctor spent with me I am guessing these few unhappy folks are the vast minority. For fast food I would want quick, but for medical advice lets get serious people... rushing is not in your best interest. Please give these folks a try, I highly recommend their services which is why I already booked my next appointment with them! Thank you all for a great experience!”

–John, yelp.com
“Going to the doctor usually sucks, at least in my experience. I was [referred] here by an old coworker of mine who dislocated his shoulder 11 different times (no joke) and I’m glad I took his advice. I’ve been suffering from a shoulder injury for about a year now and neglected getting it checked out. Fed up with my shoulder, I booked an appointment and was scheduled out in two days (good availability). I arrived on time and had to fill out the paperwork but was helped quickly. The location itself is beautiful and the staff is really nice, I literally waited five minutes after paperwork and got some x-rays taken. Dr. Brian Magovern was straight to the point and exuded confidence in a way that really reassured me. I’m kind of a control freak sometimes but it was really nice to have someone who knew so much about my issue tell me that I'm going to be all right and that there is a solution. Being an uninsured patient, Dr. Magovern was really cool about working with me and I felt really well taken care of. I usually don’t trust many people with my health but the doc was honest, sincere and took the time to explain my options. After a year of pain, I’m glad to know that I'm finally on the right path. Thank you!”

–Juan Carlos, yelp.com