Patient Testimonials


“Compassionate care in a professional setting is how I could describe this office... Having PT [physical therapy] and an Open MRI in the same location makes for a lot less running around. Dr. Glenn Huber was fantastic to talk with and quite understanding of pain and discomfort. He respected my wishes to deal with my choices and he gave me a lot to choose from. The MRI was fabulous. After having been stuck in a HMO for the past 11 years, going into a facility that isn't a cattle call was such a pleasure. I never had options to get an Open MRI where I was before, now that is the standard. When I mention this office to others, they all agree: one of the best in the South Bay. And trust me, I've had over 12 orthopedic surgeries, rehab, etc. so I have plenty of experience to draw from.”

–Karin, yelp.com
“Over the last 4 years I've had carpal tunnel surgery with Dr. Halikis and recently shoulder surgery with Dr.Huber. Bad run of luck, but thank goodness I had the most competent doctors to take care of me. I'm on the mend because of these great doctors. Every doctor I have seen has been best!!!! Professional, compassionate and they definitely know their business. Dr. Huber had me go to Aquatic Physical Therapy, which helped my shoulder tremendously. Would recommend to all. Their approach is thought through and precise. I have trust in these doctors' competency and overall bedside manner. Oh, their office personnel are also very helpful. Each doctor has a secretary to handle patient needs along with departments that handles specific areas of need. Well organized. MRI and Physical Therapy on site is a plus. They changed my life, so hands down - five stars from me!”

–Cheryl, yelp.com