Patient Testimonials


“I have seen Dr. Stephenson a couple times this year (injury prone) and he has made each visit very calming and reassuring. You will feel like he cares about you the whole way through. I had an elbow injury, tennis elbow on the other side, and a rotator cuff tear. I really like how he does not suggest surgery right away and seems to want to see if the body can heal itself through his suggestions. I am extremely happy and will tell you that he is one of the best in the South Bay. I am very confident that you will have the same experience.” 

–Barry R., yelp.com
“If you ever find yourself in need of an orthopedic surgeon, look no further. My story, not an exciting one, I broke my collar bone riding a bike. First off, it was a terrible experience for me, I wasn't able to workout, ride a bike, shower appropriately, or tie my shoes. In short the experience made me appreciate the small things like being able to go to the gym or sleep in a bed comfortably. 

I met Dr. Stephenson who looked at my x-ray and was very optimistic and told me surgery or no surgery I would be ok. However, I decided on surgery because I did not want and restrictions and wanted to be back in the gym and working out ASAP. The surgery went well, I didn't remember a damn thing and I got a nerve block...I was cool for about 10 hours post surgery. The next 2 days were pretty uncomfortable, but I expected that. In short, Dr. Stephenson made super small incisions, installed a pin, and fixed my broken clavicle. It's been approximately 9 weeks since my surgery, I have full range of motion I'm back in the gym; however, not going to crazy but I'm looking forward to being 100%

Dr. Stephenson is the type of guy you wouldn't mind having a beer with, bed side manner is outstanding, listens to your concerns, and is knowledgeable. If you're in the southbay and find yourself in a bad spot needing and orthopedic doctor you won't regret it...”

–Daniel M., yelp.com
“Lucky this office has Saturday Clinic...The Doctors rotate. Dr Stephenson was spot on and very patient. Waiting time to see Doctor was not too long. Note if Providence Little of Company call to make you appointment...much better chance to get appointment in just a few days. In the Exam..the Doctor..listened to all my concerns and was able to access my M.R.I..online..and showed me clearly the M.R.I. screen. Dr Stephenson answered every question in very understandable words. Outlined positive treatment program for me...Gave me encouragement. Did not rush to aggressive treatment...Favored Conservative ApproachStaff was matter of fact from front desk to nurse but who cares...its the Doctor that you want to see. Easy to get follow through appointment. Would recommend Doctor Stephenson...anytime...five stars.”

–Elite M., yelp.com
“I saw Dr. Stephenson for a bad ankle. He was very knowledgeable, thorough, and patient in explaining my condition and the options for treatment. When I had follow up questions after the visit, he was very responsive to the message I left. I appreciate his genuine interest in my well-being” 

–James T., yelp.com