Patient Testimonials


“Compassionate care in a professional setting is how I could describe this office... Having PT [physical therapy] and an OPEN MRI in the same location makes for a lot less running around. Dr. Glenn Huber was fantastic to talk with and quite understanding of pain and discomfort. He respected my wishes to deal with my choices and he gave me a lot to choose from. The MRI was fabulous. After having been stuck in a HMO for the past 11 years, going into a facility that isn't a cattle call was such a pleasure. I never had options to get an Open MRI where I was before, now that is the standard. When I mention this office to others, they all agree: one of the best in the South Bay. And trust me, I've had over 12 orthopedic surgeries, rehab, etc. so I have plenty of experience to draw from.”

–Karin, yelp.com
“I love Dr. Huber along with his secretary Rachel; they always addressed my needs in a timely manner. I had a total hip replacement surgery and I have never had a moment of pain! I know it sounds miraculous but even though I was told to press the pain button whether I needed it or not, on the second day after surgery my PT [physical therapist] asked have you had any pain? I said no. He said then why are you pressing the pain button I said because they told me to do it. I immediately had that removed. I went to the transition center used no pain pain meds and have not used any and now I'm coming off the cane after 5 weeks. Thanks Dr. Huber and kisses to your dad who assisted in my surgery.”

“I was very pleased with Dr. Huber and his staff. Although there is a wait for his appointments it is purely due to his surgery schedules. I think he is very patient, very knowledgeable and doesn't rush you to make any decisions. I had a hip arthroscopy and I was absolutely shocked at how little pain and discomfort I feel being a week after the procedure. Dr. Huber was very helpful with his advise, especially about not rushing the recovery process and get off the crutches too soon. I can see why some would stop using crutches after 3-4 days because of the lack of any post operative symptoms... Dr. Huber has privileges at 2 great hospitals in the South Bay. He's great!”

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Huber. I consulted him after a previous doctor had failed to diagnose my condition and he was amazing. He took time to answer all my questions and examine me thoroughly at every visit.”

“Dr Huber did my ACL MCL meniscus and knee capsule repair two years ago. He has always been compassionate, easy to reach by phone, and spends a lot of time with me. My surgery required several incisions, the longest 4 inches and he meticulously closed it and hid it so it would be as imperceptible as possible. He gives great follow up care and I will use him again.”

"My first visit with Dr. Huber was GREAT!! He took his time, answered ALL of my questions, didn't rush me at all. He explained all the different things we can try to help my knee. I am so glad that I found him. Wonderful experience.” 

“[Dr. Huber is] very patient friendly and does not try to rush you out. Takes the time to answer all your questions.”

“Over the last 4 years I've had back surgery with Dr. Rogers, carpal tunnel surgery with Dr. Halikis and recently shoulder surgery with Dr.Huber. Bad run of luck, but thank goodness I had the most competent doctors to take care of me. I'm on the mend because of these great doctors. Every doctor I have seen has been best!!!! Professional, compassionate and they definitely know their business. Dr. Huber had me go to Aquatic Physical Therapy, which helped my shoulder tremendously. Would recommend to all. Their approach is thought through and precise. I have trust in these doctors' competency and overall bedside manner. Oh, their office personnel are also very helpful. Each doctor has a secretary to handle patient needs along with departments that handles specific areas of need. Well organized. MRI and Physical Therapy on site is a plus. They changed my life, so hands down - five stars from me!”

–Cheryl, yelp.com
“I had a big tear on my rotator cuff and Dr. Huber fixed it. I'm happy with his services! The physical therapy department is a group of energetic professionals who provides the best PT services!”

–S, yelp.com
“A very compassionate and knowledgeable doctor. He took very good care of my mother and explained everything beforehand. One of the best!”

–Kelly, yelp.com
“My girlfriend loved Dr. Huber and referred me to him for a second opinion. I was impressed with his knowledge, communication skills, and empathy. His personal experience includes double hip replacement, so he is sympathetic to his patients. I ended up referring yet another person to him, and she too reported that she liked him. Even though I have limited personal experience with him, I feel confident based on the reports of two people I know well that I can give him 5 stars.”

–Brent, yelp.com
“I have had 2 hip arthroscopies with Dr. Huber over the last 3 years. The first was to repair to a torn labrum that had happened 3 years ago. I had seen 4 orthopedic (supposed) specialists prior to visiting Dr. Huber. Upon my first visit and review of my case history and recent MRI/X-rays, he declared "you have a textbook labral tear." About 10 days later I was in for surgery and he was exactly correct! That surgery restored my life! Unfortunately, due to the shoddy (lack of) care I had received prior to Huber plus a genetic disposition, my hip [cartilage] has continued to degrade and I’ve had to undergo surgery again. However, less than 3 weeks later I was back on my bike for a 56-mile ride! Dr. Huber is a fantastic surgeon who really cares. He is genuinely concerned about his patients and his surgical skills are amazing! I would recommend him for hip arthroscopy without any reservations!”

“I would recommend Dr. Glenn Huber to anyone. The first time I met him was when I was being a hysterical mother due to my 10-year-old son badly fracturing both bones in his lower arm at school. Dr. Huber was amazing. He calmed me down, explained the surgery to both my son and me in terms that he could understand. The surgery went fantastic and he called to follow up with us more than once in the following days. My son’s arm is as good as new thanks to Dr. Huber. He is an amazing surgeon, an amazing doctor and an even more amazing person. I am so thankful he was on call for the hospital that night. Since my son’s surgery with Dr. Huber, I personally am taking advantage of the other doctors in the office for my back problems as well. Thank you [Coastal Ortho Advanced Orthopedics]!”

“Accurate diagnosis of torn meniscus and Baker’s cyst and repair of both. Healed perfectly.”

“Dr. Huber always presents you with all your options and explains everything completely. He never pressures you and for a surgeon tries to avoid surgery whenever possible which is refreshing. He is up to date on all the latest and greatest and is very personable and compassionate. Always had great experiences with him. The wait can be a little long in the office, but that is typical in most doctors offices and trust me it is worth the wait.”

“I have found Dr. Huber easy to talk to and appreciate his explaining everything in detail as well as answering any questions. Worth 5 stars to me.”

–Sandy, yelp.com