Patient Testimonials


“I have been a patient of Dr. Loddengaard on several different occasions and have always had nothing but professional and caring service from the doctor and his office staff. During my most recent visit, the doctor prescribed physical therapy and suggested I try the P.T. [physical therapy] office located within this practice. I must say that I have never met or dealt with a more caring and professional group of people. They made me feel as if I was a part of the team with the goal being my recovery. They made P.T. fun and kept me looking forward to the next session. If one is in need of down to earth, professional, and compassionate care, I recommend giving these people a shot...you will not regret it.”

–Rob, yelp.com
“After suffering from lower back pain for many years and seeing chiropractors, still no relief finally made an appt., decided to do my disc surgery the best decision ever...no pain since then. I highly recommend Dr. Loddengard.”

“Dr. Loddengaard and staff,Thank you for fixing my back. No pain, big gain!”

–letter from James
“I presented with a herniated disc. I had been in extreme pain for a month before making an appointment having been misdirected to a chiropractor. This doctor [Dr. Loddengaard] was great. Quick diagnosis and successful surgery. He answered all questions thoroughly and in a manner to instill confidence.”

“Dr. Loddengaard [is] unlike other surgeons before him, read my MRI differently and surprised and delighted me by saying I didn't need surgery after all and it wouldn't help (he read the cross section of the spine). PS. Another surgeon said I'd be paralyzed without surgery.”

–Linda, yelp.com

“Dr. James Loddengaard and Jane,I finally have some time to write now that I’m resting with my ankle elevated for such a long time period :) I just wanted to thank both of you for working with me the other week when I was on the mainland for such a short time and y’all were able to fit me in so last minute and get me in to see Dr. Park as well. I know y’all work with a lot of patients and are very busy. So that I was able to be seen and have recommendations in such a small amount of time just meant the world! Even though I’m going to be very limited physically for the next month, I am extremely thankful to have had my ankle surgery last week and should be on the road to recovery for a while. I just wanted you both to know I really appreciate you both and the work y’all did to help me start figuring out the process to healing. Thanks!”

–letter from Anne
“I have found Dr. Huber easy to talk to and appreciate his explaining everything in detail as well as answering any questions. Worth 5 stars to me.”

–Sandy, yelp.com