Patient Testimonials


“Dr. Halikis and his staff know their stuff. I received excellent care throughout my healing process. Once Dr. Halikis worked his surgical skill magic on me, my therapist worked hard to bring my hand back to normal. Cool equipment and exercises gave me a good workout; I always left feeling great! I have absolutely no doubt that I'd be in sad, sad shape had I not been faithful to my therapist appointments, they were *that* important. I highly recommend Dr. Halikis and his team. They were friendly and beyond helpful, each and every one of them.”

“[Dr. Halikis is] very knowledgeable, listens to patients’ concerns and addresses them to satisfaction. Explains everything very well, not rushed or superior acting.”

“As a professional athlete with the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic, I've had two shoulder surgeries with Dr. Shrader that have been fantastic. Dr. Halikis and Dr. Park also have done super procedures for me as well. My physical therapist Kim Hicks worked wonders in getting my flexibility and range of motion back, and the rest of the staff are top notch in their knowledge and experience. Friendliest staff in the world...I recommend this clinic to everyone!”

–Mark, yelp.com
“Over the last 4 years I've had carpal tunnel surgery with Dr. Halikis and recently shoulder surgery with Dr.Huber. Bad run of luck, but thank goodness I had the most competent doctors to take care of me. I'm on the mend because of these great doctors. Every doctor I have seen has been best!!!! Professional, compassionate and they definitely know their business. Dr. Huber had me go to Aquatic Physical Therapy, which helped my shoulder tremendously. Would recommend to all. Their approach is thought through and precise. I have trust in these doctors' competency and overall bedside manner. Oh, their office personnel are also very helpful. Each doctor has a secretary to handle patient needs along with departments that handles specific areas of need. Well organized. MRI and Physical Therapy on site is a plus. They changed my life, so hands down - five stars from me!”

–Cheryl, yelp.com
“A bit of a wait to see [Dr. Halikis] each visit, but well worth it, he knows what he's doing. I found the staff to be very friendly and professional. The physical therapy area next door is extremely good, too. Highly recommend.”

"I found Dr. Halikis very concerned and exacting. His staff is kind and I never had to wait more than a few minutes. I would recommend him.”

“I have also seen Dr. Nicholas Halikis for a trigger finger problem I had. He is also an outstanding doctor. A steroid injection and some physical therapy for that, and I'm good as new; no surgery needed. Office wait times were sometimes lengthy, but the medical group processes many patients there on a daily basis, so I just accepted that and considered myself fortunate to have access to such great doctors.”

–Denise, yelp.com