Patient Testimonials


“The Physical Therapy department for this group is fantastic! I have been to other PT offices and never had the results and watchful care that I received here. Sarah Belcher was my PT and she was excellent. At first I was skeptical of her concern for my posture when I was having neck problems and tons of migraines. But she was so right! Now my headaches are rare and I know what to do to get rid of them or prevent them most of the time. She saved me from some drastic surgery a previous doctor recommended. I found that all the staff there watch you very carefully to be sure you always do your exercises correctly to get the best results without any negative results. I have never been so thoroughly watched and coached like this -- it really makes a difference in getting the correct movements learned and changing the bad habits. I totally trust the work done here and recommend the PT to anyone. Ask for Sarah and you will get great results, I am sure!”

–Eileen, yelp.com
“Dr. Halikis and his staff know their stuff, I received excellent care throughout my healing process. Once Dr. Halikis worked his surgical skill magic on me, my therapist worked hard to bring my hand back to normal. Cool equipment and exercises gave me a good workout; I always left feeling great! I have absolutely no doubt that I'd be in sad, sad shape had I not been faithful to my therapist appointments, they were *that* important. I highly recommend Dr. Halikis and his team. They were friendly and beyond helpful, each and every one of them.”

“I have Been a patient of Dr. Loddengaard on several different occasions and have always had nothing but professional and caring service from the Dr and his office staff. During my most recent visit, the Dr. prescribed physical therapy and suggested I try the P.T. [physical therapy] office located within this practice. I must say that I have never met or dealt with a more caring and professional group of people. They made me feel as if I was a part of the team with the goal being my recovery. They made P.T. fun and kept me looking forward to the next session. If one is in need of down to earth, professional, and compassionate care, I recommend giving these people a shot...you will not regret it.” 

–Rob, yelp.com
“I had a total knee replacement and 6 months later a total hip replacement surgery done by Dr. Todd Shrader. I could not be happier and more satisfied with the treatment and the result and highly recommend this office. The PT [physical therapy] department next door and its therapists deserve high marks as well.”

–Isolde, yelp.com
“I had 2 shoulder surgeries by Dr. Todd Shrader and had months of physical therapy with Kim Hicks. The care I received from both Dr. Shrader and Kim Hicks was extraordinary. They were very caring, gentle, and successful. Dr. Shrader and Kim Hicks are both very professional and their office is run like a finely oiled machine from scheduling the surgeries to the flexibility I was given when needed in physical therapy. Kim Hicks was always positive, cheerful, and professional. Some days I would come in having pain and not wanting to be there. Kim's smiling face and good nature always cheered me up. She always used several modalities that eased my pain and enabled me to make progress. I would definitely highly recommend both of them and have made a 100% recovery.”

–Dawn, yelp.com
“As a professional athlete with the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic, I've had two shoulder surgeries with Dr. Shrader that have been fantastic. Dr. Halikis and Dr. Park also have done super procedures for me as well. My physical therapist Kim Hicks worked wonders in getting my flexibility and range of motion back, and the rest of the staff are top notch in their knowledge and experience. Friendliest staff in the world...I recommend this clinic to everyone!”

–Mark, yelp.com
“I had a big tear on my rotator cuff and Dr. Huber fixed it. I'm happy with his services! The physical therapy department is a group of energetic professionals who provides the best PT services!”

–S. yelp.com
“I am making progress with the help and treatment provided by the doctors and physical therapy staff. Although the progress is sometimes slower that I would like to to be, the people do supply support and exercises to get me to be functioning and on my own. I have explained my goals to them and each doctor, therapist and staff member have worked to help me reach them.”

–Laura, yelp.com