Patient Testimonials


“I had a total knee replacement and 6 months later a total hip replacement surgery done by Dr. Todd Shrader. I could not be happier and more satisfied with the treatment and the result and highly recommend this office. The PT [physical therapy] department next door and its therapists deserve high marks as well.”

–Isolde, yelp.com
“I had 2 shoulder surgeries by Dr. Todd Shrader and had months of physical therapy with Kim Hicks. The care I received from both Dr. Shrader and Kim Hicks was extraordinary. They were very caring, gentle, and successful. Dr. Shrader and Kim Hicks are both very professional and their office is run like a finely oiled machine from scheduling the surgeries to the flexibility I was given when needed in physical therapy. Kim Hicks was always positive, cheerful, and professional. Some days I would come in having pain and not wanting to be there. Kim's smiling face and good nature always cheered me up. She always used several modalities that eased my pain and enabled me to make progress. I would definitely highly recommend both of them and have made a 100% recovery.” 

–Dawn, yelp.com
“When my daughter broke her elbow, I was very impressed with Dr. Shrader’s complete exam. I was afraid she would need surgery but this doctor took the conservative route. After her days in a cast and following physical therapy, she has full range of motion and complete recovery.” 

“I recently had a total knee replacement with Dr. Shrader. There were no surprises and I knew exactly what to expect at the hospital! My post op visit went great and I was very excited to show him my progress! The staff has been kind, courteous and very efficient! I highly recommend Dr. Shrader and his staff! Next year he will be doing my other knee!”

“I saw [Dr. Shrader] for a second opinion and he spent a lot of time with me and talked about all the options. His advice has so far worked well for me and I recommend him.”

“Highly recommend [Dr. Shrader. He] diagnosed, explained, done... no issues. Great bedside manner. Top notch care.”

“As a professional athlete with the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic, I've had two shoulder surgeries with Dr. Shrader that have been fantastic. Dr. Halikis and Dr. Park also have done super procedures for me as well. My physical therapist Kim Hicks worked wonders in getting my flexibility and range of motion back, and the rest of the staff are top notch in their knowledge and experience. Friendliest staff in the world...I recommend this clinic to everyone!”

–Mark, yelp.com
“I was diagnosed in 1996 with temporal lobe epilepsy. I endured 15 to 20 seizures per day... In 1999 I underwent surgery to remove scar tissue on the brain. In 2005 I had a vagus nerve stimulator implanted. Due to the brain surgery my left side became neurologically impaired and I sat in a wheelchair for four years and lived in a nursing home. My knee suffered degenerative bone loss and my left foot became deformed due to the same surgery. I weighed 217 pounds because of seizure medications and a gastro intestinal feeding tube. I was not allowed to stand or walk on my own. I could not hold a spoon, feed myself or go to the bathroom, dress myself or contribute to society in any meaningful way.Today, I am so thrilled to be able to walk unassisted in [the L.A.] marathon with my new left foot, magically reconstructed by Dr. Kenneth Park, as well as my amazing knee replacement by the wonderful Dr. Todd Schrader, both at [Coastal Ortho Advanced Orthopedics].”

–Claire O'Keefe, excerpted from her fundraising page on crowdrise.com